Oday Aboushi is a proud Palestinian American hailing from Brooklyn, NY. With a strong passion for faith, family, and football, he is also recognized for his humanitarian efforts and entrepreneurial spirit. Oday's dedication to community work is evident in his involvement with organizations such as Save a Smile, where he assisted in over 250 cleft lip and palate cases in Kartoum, Sudan. He also played a crucial role in addressing the refugee crisis in Lesbos, Greece, working with the Salam Cultural Museum to rescue and process refugees making the perilous journey from Turkey. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he stepped up to the plate by providing and delivering 40,000 pounds of produce to fellow New Yorkers. Oday's commitment to inspiring the youth shines through his engagement in sports and speaking engagements. Besides his impressive NFL career, Oday has made strides in the real estate industry, building a vast portfolio while starting multiple businesses and investing as an angel investor. In his leisure time, he cherishes moments spent with his family, playing golf, and exploring new culinary experiences at various restaurants.

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