Oday Aboushi, a proud Palestinian American from Brooklyn, NY, is not only known for his football career but also for his dedication to philanthropy and community impact. He understands the power of philanthropy in driving positive change and has actively contributed to various causes. For instance, he played a crucial role in addressing the refugee crisis in Lesbos, Greece, working with the Salam Cultural Museum to rescue and process refugees from Turkey. Additionally, Oday has been involved in humanitarian work, assisting in over 250 cleft lip and palate cases in Kartoum, Sudan, through his involvement with Save a Smile. He has also showcased his commitment to his community during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing and delivering 40,000 pounds of produce to support fellow New Yorkers. Oday's contributions extend beyond his humanitarian work. His efforts have encouraged his fellow teammates to recognize the power and importance of their votes, leading many to register for the first time. Oday's dedication to philanthropy and community impact is truly inspiring.

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Youth Engagement

Oday Aboushi, has established himself as a dedicated activist in the community, devoting his time to working with the youth and inspiring positive change.


Public Speaking

Oday Aboushi, utilizes his platform as a public speaker to inspire positive change and empower individuals, particularly the youth, through his dedication to activism. Contact Oday to speak at your next event.

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